Wednesday, 26 August 2015


‘You’re basically my beating heart walking around outside my chest’

Publication date: 18th August 2015
Publisher: Cambria Hebert
Format/Source: e-Book/Bought

Posers gonna pose

I am a man who had nothing, but found everything.

I’ll never go back to nothing ever again.

I vowed to protect her, and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. 

The pictures I stumbled upon haunt me still, the secret I shoulder is heavy.

They say secrets put distance between two people, but the truth is far more destructive than keeping it will ever be. 

I won’t ever tell. She can’t ever know.

When I look in the mirror my reflection is of who I’m afraid I’ll become and not the man I am. 

It makes me feel like a poser, no better than all the others pretending to be exactly who they aren’t.

How does a man keep it together when everything is unraveling right here in his hands?

I didn’t start any of this.

I never asked for it.

But it came knocking at my door. 

When secrets and threats knock, I don’t hide.

I open the door. 

Because the best way to take down a poser is to be one

My thoughts


I heart the #Hashtag series. I think Cambria Hebert is on with a REAL winner here! #Poser picks up where #Selfie left off, only now Braeden has a secret, one that pushes distance between the two of them.  I understand why he kept the secret, men don’t think along the same lines as women.  He’s protective and this was his way of protecting her... it just blew up a little bit! LOL.

I love their love story, the way he is with her is just *sigh*

‘I would die for you, Baby. I would kill for you. I would give you the last breath in my body just to give you another heartbeat of life.’

I love his way with words.

This book is the longest out of the entire series and sometimes I felt like it could have been shortened.  Just an observation, I still love it! LOL.  I DO NOT like Zach so I think his bits could have been shortened.  In #Poser, we are finally given some of Zach’s background, I suppose a way to understand(?) why he has done what he’s done to Romeo and Rimmel and now these two characters... I can understand why it would totally screw him up, I can understand that with his mother’s condition being one he may have his emotions aren’t exactly in balance... but after all, every story needs a badie LOL.

I can’t wait to see where these characters go next! I always look forward to seeing her book covers as they are so different and quirky!

4.75 cups of tea!!

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  1. you rocked my world with this review! :) I appreciate you taking the time to review after you read #Poser. thank you!