Tuesday, 7 July 2015


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bookish jewellery

I’m obsessed with looking through Etsy for hours on end at all the amazing jewellery.  So, I thought it only fitting that I create my first Top Ten Tuesday post on the book jewellery I really love! 

Harry Potter

I have literally spent hours looking through every Harry Potter related thing on Etsy.  I struggled to pick just one piece of jewellery. So I didn't! I love this ring because its so quirky and something I would wear!

I also love the earrings that are similar to this snitch bracelet, but I thought I would pick something different!

The Fault in our Stars

This book crushes me.  The film crushes me.  I love looking at the jewellery and I wanted something different.  This necklace will be my next purchase, I love the way it swirls around, a constant. It’s lovely!

Game of Thrones
I’ve loved the kind of jewellery The Game of Thrones has created, especially all of the dragon related loveliness! These are simply gorgeous!! 

Book Nerd

Any book nerd/geek, needs to have some form of jewellery.  I love the blue that is used and the book charm.  There are plenty of pieces to choose from though.  I don’t think I have a jewellery box big enough for all of this! 

Alice in Wonderland

Who wouldn’t love this!


There are many variations of the three birds, but I do love the stark black colour.  Always makes me think of Dauntless! 

Hunger Games

Yeah,  I don’t think I will be popping that cork and drinking the contents!

Blackdagger Brotherhood 

I FLOVE this series.  I’m completely and utterly in love with the characters and their world! When I visit New York again I’m on the serious look out for these guys.  I had to look at jewellery of my favourite brother! 

Mortal Instruments

I really loved the use of tattoos and symbols in this series and I love this ring! My Christmas list is going to be long! LOL

All images are from Etsy.com

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