Tuesday, 21 July 2015


Well, I thought that I would do a TOP TEN list of things to do whilst on holiday! School is out for summer! Yay! I love working in a school.  So this holiday, I’m going to do these ten things!

1. Book a holiday (somewhere warm!)
Living in the UK we struggle to get warm days, we usually have 3 red hot days in April and the rest of the year happens to be all fours seasons in one day! So, we have to book somewhere! I’m going to be enjoying the delights of Slovenia this holiday!

2. DVD binge!
I have to do this every summer holiday! I have loads of TV series DVDs which I love to watch.  I’ve already started One Tree Hill so I guess that is my series for this holiday!

3. READ!
I can now sit on my bed, in my little pink haven with my candles glowing and the music in the background! I love that I’m able to do this!

4. PJ day!
You just have to slob at least one day!

5. Girly shopping day
I usually drag the sister along!

6. Meeting friends for lunch (and by lunch I mean going out to eat cake!)

7. Play the Sims 4
Yep.  I do like to control people, build and design houses.  I can spend hours on this.  I love to recreate characters.  Eve and Roarke from the In Death series is my next mission!

8. Catch up on the TV that I’ve recorded but never got around to.

9. Spend half my time on blogger! ;-)

10. Maybe speak to the husband occassionally....

 I’m very busy during the holidays! LOL Oh and I might have to do the house work..... 


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