Saturday, 18 July 2015


‘He would never be able to free himself from the hold she had on his heart.’

City of Wolves sneak preview!

As the car got closer, Zac saw how beautiful Lyla was. She wasn’t just beautiful, she was startling, and his entire body shuddered with longing. He’d never felt anything like it in his life, but it was as if he suddenly knew with absolute certainty that he was looking at the woman he would spend his whole life with. He stopped breathing. She literally took his breath away. His heart pounded with something that felt more like sadness than attraction. It was a completely new feeling to him, and one he would only ever have once in his life. Could it be that he was feeling what his father and the other old shifters had always spoken of? Was he looking at his fated mate?
He dismissed the idea out of hand. His father believed in such things, all the old shifters did, but Zac never saw them as anything more than the romantic notions of old men with broken hearts. Those men lived cruel lives and it was understandable they would come up with ways of explaining the pain they suffered. Suddenly, he wasn’t so sure. 
The beauty of the girl caused him physical pain. He wanted to look away, to run from her, but he couldn’t. He was trapped. From that moment on, he would never be able to undo this, he would never be able to unsee her beauty or free himself from the hold she had on his heart. 
Her hair caught the sun like it was made of the finest silk. Her eyes were big and bright and innocent. The look on her face wasn’t the one of scorn he was used to associating with the elite. The girl led a privileged life, no doubt about that, but the look on her face was of kindness and excitement. She was happy for the people. She was happy they had music to listen to.
If the old tales of fated mates were true, then Zac was in trouble and he knew it.


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